Livewire Capital

The Livewire Accelerator Fund

Why an investment fund?

We believe in the tremendous growth potential of digital business, we also understand the financial requirements of digital business as they validate their product and market assumptions.

It is still remarkable how little available capital there is in the UK to fund the establishment and early stage financial requirements of a digital business.

We have a demonstrable track record of backing the right digital startups and accelerating their growth.


Why an accelerator?

We believe in collaboration, shared experience and validated learning.

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel.

By co-locating our investments in the same physical space and supporting them with cost effective financial, technical and marketing expertise we can ensure that we minimise execution risk in fledgling companies and maximise the financial runway the company has in which to commercialise.


Accelerator Process


It simple really, just click on the apply button at the top of this page complete and submit the application form 


If we like your application we will invite you to pitch to a member of our investment team.
You will articulate your vision, understand your buyer, quantify market size, propose a potential minimum viable product and convince us you have what it takes to make things happen


If your pitch is successful you will be invited to co-locate with our product design and marketing team for a period of up to one month. During this time we will
  • identify assumptions
  • plan validated learning activities to validate your assumptions
  • create a brand and user interface concepts
  • wireframe a minimum viable product
  • establish a budget and timeline for building out an MVP and validating remaining assumptions
You will then re-present your concept to our investment team looking for investment approval to build and validate the MVP


If you are successful we will accommodate you and your new start-up in our incubator for up to 12 months and invest up to £100K funding multiple iterations of product development and validation  


You gain traction with your target buyer, you understand the metrics for profitable growth within your business, we follow up with further investment.  


  • Where do you invest geographically?

    You and your business must be prepared to re-locate to our accelerator premises in Liverpool