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Do you wish you could focus on your customers and your product?

Time and time again we meet with digital entrepreneurs who feel lost in a sea of incomprehensible business admin.

Do they have a clear vision for their product? Yes

Do they understand their customer? Yes

Can they execute? Yes

However often they tell us they spend 50% of their time occupied with the mundane, with a pervading feeling that they are reinventing the wheel and that is just with the day to day admin of looking after the financial health of their business.

When it actually come to funding growth, often unprofitable growth initially they are completely lost. Yes they have heard about enterprise investment scheme, games tax credit, the Technology Strategy Board and Creative England but they just don't have the vocabulary or the bandwidth to successfully take advantage of or engage with these initiatives and organisations.

Do they have existing professional advisers?  Sometimes

Do their advisers understand digital business?  Almost always no

If any of the above resonates with you then give us a call and pop in for a coffee, we promise that in our initial meeting, we will reflect a clear understanding of your problems back to you, refer you to other local companies we have helped with similar problems and propose a plan of action to let you get back to doing the things that make your business tick.

The financial and commercial support has been second to none; all of our day to day finances are taken care of, we have been successful in several grant applications and research and development claims. I can just get on with helping the team make great games.
From Peter Wallace of Lucid Games
Sentric Music
During my time working with Andy, my skills and knowledge of business have rapidly expanded to a level I wouldn't have been able to achieve without his mentoring. Andy, and the Livewire Group, adopt ideas and help turn them into profitable businesses. The framework he has set up allows companies to grow without a high level of risk, and at the same time providing core services and investment which allow the company to grow
From Chris Meehan of Sentric Music


While we can provide you with the financial support you need to succeed, some opportunities require wider reaching support.

The Livewire Accelerator Fund can accommodate you its digital incubator, co-located with a digital product development team and a digital marketing team to bring your vision to life.

If your proposition is compelling enough can make an initial investment of as much as £100K of seed capital in your business 


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